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What is DLT?

DLT Markets sets the new standard for institutional investors entering digital assets. We bridge the traditional and new world of finance, setting benchmarks in performance, usability & security.

TraditionalFinancial Institutions

Fully regulated multi exchange platform with central counterpart system and integrated centralized custody. A MiFid compliant best market execution provides trust and transparency.

Digital Asset Market

24/7 access to a new asset class. Digital assets allow new trading opportunities but are missing regulatory coverage. They are allocated at multiple exchanges making them hard to access.


Regulated digital asset trading with reduced counterparty risk for financial institutions.

Core customer benefits

Get access to new trading opportunities.

Regulated digital asset trading platform for financial institutions.

Benefits Benefits Benefits Benefits Benefits Benefits Benefits Benefits

High Performance

Low latency trading platform for real-time trading and transfer.


Regulated digital asset trading and secure storage.

Easy Usability

Direct access to all exchanges and simple online banking integration.

Learn about how it works

Plug-n-play with easy API integration

  • One access
  • Superior Products & Reporting
  • Instant settlement and banking integration
  • Reduced counterparty risk
  • Secure custody
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How it works 1 / 5

One access

Combined access to multiple exchanges, miners and other liquidity providers. Direct trading from your bank account - taking the hassle out of transferring assets.

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How it works 2 / 5

Superior Products & Reporting

DLT Markets offers Portfolio Management, Advanced Order Types and Risk Management with a sophisticated monitoring system. Our platform solution offers instant access to smart order routing through a consolidated order book and in-depth trade reporting.

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Instant settlement and banking integration

By using our state of the art product we are able to offer a seamless, easy to use integration into your current banking system. Our product utilizes real-time trading standards for settling trades the traditional way - instantly.

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Reduced counterparty risk

A fully regulated bank acts as a central counterpart. No need to trade against unregulated crypto exchanges. We are setting new standards to make digital asset trading more secure.

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Secure custody

Connected to, and jointly designed with the world leading and most secure custody providers, covering diverse technologies, legal and geographic needs.

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Experience our Product

Our holistic solution

With DLT Markets you hold one account with real-time access to multiple exchanges in a fully regulated environment. Our platform is integrated into the core banking system and connected to an ultra secure storage solution.

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